Viking Longship © Regia Anglorum

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Viking Longship © Regia Anglorum
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The boats and ships found here are owned by Regia Anglorum. They are sailed and rowed by the membership at private events, but also form the centrepieces of reenactment events throughout the UK.

At 7 ships strong, Regia Anglorum has the largest fleet of reconstructed Viking ships in the United Kingdom. They are maintained and manned by dedicated volunteers and travel throughout the country and occasionally overseas to help filmmakers and television producers recreate the lives and times of the Vikings and their contemporaries some thousand years ago.

Details of the current fleet are below. Please note that maintenance is ongoing and dependant on volunteer labour, this might mean some of the below are unavailable. If you are considering hiring a boat, please enquire early to best avoid dissapointment.

The Bear on Windermere © Regia Anglorum – Grace Williams The Bear on Lake Windermere
© Grace Williams – Regia Anglorum
The Færings at Gloucester © Regia Anglorum – Malcolm Butler The Færings in combat at Gloucester Docks
© Malcolm Butler – Regia Anglorum
Overview of boats by type
Boat Type Length Beam Suitable for Transportation
Bear Byrding 33′ (11m) 8′ (2.4m) Warship or cargo ship
(8 – 15 crew)
(6 – 10 oarsmen)
Salmon; Valhalla; Heron Karv 47′ (14m) Warship or cargo ship
(9 – 18 crew)
(6 – 12 oarsmen)
Flatbed trailer, with tractor
Squirrel; Rat Færing 20′ (6m) Ferry or fishing boat
(1 – 3 crew)
Wolf Snekkja 50′ (16m)
(part buried)
Boat burial Immobile
Further details
Boat Weight (minus crew) Draught (in ballast) Air draught Height Yard length Sail area
Bear 2t (unballasted)
≈2½t (ballasted)
2′ (0.6m)
3′ (0.96m) with steering oar
20′ (6m) with mast up
6′3″ (2m) with mast stowed
22′ (6.6m) keel to mast tip
8′3″ (2.6m) keel to top of stem/stern
20′ (6m) 290′² (27m²)
Wolf N/A N/A N/A No yard No sail
Launching requirements
Boat Transportation Slipway launch Crane launch
Bear On trailer, towed behind a suitable vehicle. Length of boat ontrailer is 36′ (12m).
Rule of thumb: if an articulated lorry can get there, so can the Bear.
4 crew required at launch. Slipway must be at least 10′ (3m) wide and have a solid roadway to at least 4′ (1.2m) to enable the boat to leave the trailer. Contact us and crane company to discuss requirements.
Heron; Salmon; Valhalla Flatbed trailer, with tractor Not usually possible Contact us and crane company to discuss requirements.
Squirrel; Rat On trailer, towed behind a suitable vehicle. N/A
Wolf Immobile. Can only be used on location.