Viking Longship © Regia Anglorum

Hire a Viking Longship

Viking Longship © Regia Anglorum
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Events with a Viking Longship

If you are planning an event to which a Viking longship would be a welcome addition, be it a dramatic recreation of a coastal raid, an impressive centrepiece or a novel backdrop, then look no further.

Llangorse Lake © Regia Anglorum &ndash Ben Rees The Bear bearing down on a lone Welsh archer.
© Ben Rees – Regia Anglorum
Detling © Regia Anglorum &ndash Ben Rees The award-winning port diorama at Detling's Military Odyssey
© Rich Price – Regia Anglorum


A menacing longship lurking off the coast; a trading ship bringing in exotic goods; a party of Viking raiders storming ashore, or a 1000 year old naval engagement, the ships are always most impressive on the water.


If circumstances do not permit sailing and rowing on the water, then why not recreate a boat burial? Or you could bring the water to you – a beached ship and some well-placed shingle will create the illusion of a beach at low tide.


As the larger boats need a crane to load and unload them from transit, the easiest and quickest way to display them is to wheel them in on a trailer straight to wherever you want. Notwithstanding the trailer, a 30′ long Viking ship is always a sight to behold.

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